Mense en Diere

Ek is vannaand te lui om ‘n vorige post van my te vertaal en plaas dit net so.
What I am about to write may sound cynical, but before you judge read to the end of the chapter.
We as humans are nothing more than animals. The only difference is our intellect. Let me prove my theory.
In nature it is a matter of the fittest survive. A lion goes out and kills the cubs of his predecessor, not just killing it, but eating it as well. The obvious reason is to strengthen the gene pool. We all know the old saying in business “its dog eats dog, out there”. Well are we any different from animals if we call ourselves and brothers and sisters dogs?
We are given our intellect to rule earth with wisdom and to do good, but humans go out and do the opposite, killing earth, killing brothers and sisters. By killing not just the physical motion of enjoying blood flowing but also killing people mentally by what we do and say. We start killing people at a very young age. By the time most humans reach adulthood they are the living dead.
Killed by society…..
Killed by wrong value systems….
Killed by the luggage they carry from a young age, images and perceptions created by us and society, almost like a conspiracy theory so that people will never reach the potential they deserve; there is a very good reason for this…

The more people living in poor mental physique the more useful they are to the few exceptions. This leads to my next question: Why is the power in the world in the hands of less than 5% of the world population? POWER. I am sure that the majority of the other 95%, the less fortunate, are unhappy about their current circumstances. The alarming fact is nothing stops them to taste success and happiness in their own right, but will never achieve that, because of perceptions created by themselves and also by others about them. We are creatures of habit, just like animals. Again the example of the pride of lions. What do lions do? In short, hunt other animals to survive and to expand the size of their pride. Their intellect is programmed to do that. Humans should be different, but if you look at the lives of most it’s about the same, work to eat. What forces humans to work, the wrong reason…FEAR!
Fear is the biggest motivator for humans to work. Governments, big corporate and the likes exploit this fear, but this is another topic of discussion.
Do you live your daily life for the wrong reasons? Behave like animals? There are better options.
Every human being has the need to be appreciated, to be accepted, this is most probably the biggest desire a person have and yet very few experience it.


Its dog eats dog out there.


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  1. Nee, diere is BAIE beter as mense!

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